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Neverwinter Description

Dive into the fantastic online world of Dungeons and Dragons. Undertake exciting adventures in this MMORPG and secure your place in history.


A full century has passed since the great magic war, which left nothing behind but chaos and deserted ruins in place of civilizations and the cities they called home, where now only grisly monsters dare set foot. There is but one city that remained more or less intact following the war; the city of Neverwinter, the jewel of the north. Luck was not on the side of Neverwinter however, as a massive volcanic eruption devastated the region not long after the war had ended, raining fire and ash upon the city and leaving it in a similar state as the rest of the lands.

Twenty five years after the eruption destroyed the jewel of the north, it is now up to you to restore the kingdom to its former glory. Many of the survivors have begun rebuilding the former metropolis. Heroes of the Human, Dwarf and Elven races are now establishing a new Neverwinter and you are among them.

As a defender of the city you must explore every inch of this fantasy world, seeking out dangers to your bourgeoning empire and destroying them. You will be tasked with various campaigns and missions that will lead you from the heights of the city walls to the depths of the catacombs where you will learn the world’s deepest secrets and discover many long forgotten treasures. Along the way you are sure to encounter many a frightening beast, so be sure to arm yourself appropriately, whether that entails donning a massive suit of armor and devastating weaponry, or sharpening your mind to control the magic that is native to your world. Don’t worry too much though, you will surely meet other adventurers with goals similar to yours who you can rely on in a pinch.

Neverwinter is based on the lore of the well known role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. In this Fantasy-MMORPG you will also have opportunities to create your own dungeons and quests and even set off onto these and other adventures you have thought up yourself.

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